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Our Process

1. Call or text 205-569-9959 to schedule an appointment to receive a Free Estimate.  You do not have to be present for this appointment.

2. I will perform a property walk through in order to establish exactly what your cleaning needs are.

3. You will receive an email the same day with a detailed estimate for the services discussed.  To accept the estimate simply click accept on the email.  If you have further questions call 205-569-9959.

4. Once the proposal has been accepted I will call you to schedule a date and time for you service to be completed.

5. Once your cleaning has been scheduled you will receive an email with instructions for the day of cleaning.  Please read and follow these instructions in order to prevent any delay in your cleaning.

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Schedule a Free Estimate Today!

Call us at (205)569-9959 or click the button below to call from your phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge for residential properties?
    Prices for residential cleaning start at $175. Each property is different and a thorough evaluation of the area to be cleaned is needed in order to give an accurate estimate. Some items considered are amout and type of stains, time since last pressure washing, drainage, and size of area.
  • Do the chemicals used harm flowers and plants?
    We thoroughly water all surrounding plants prior to, during, and post cleaning which dilutes the chemicals to the point that no damage should occur.
  • What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?
    Power washing uses hot water to help with really dirty areas, you wouldn't wash extremely dirty dishes in cold water would you?
  • Why hire a professional?
    Pressure washing your driveway without causing damage to your driveway or even yourself can be difficult and can take some practice. Inexperienced pressure washers can easily find themselves using the wrong nozzle and accidentally using higher pressure than intended, leaving permanent marks in the driveway. By hiring a professional you are getting high quality work from a company that is both licensed and insured.

Want Your Free Estimate ASAP?

Call (205) 569-9959, or click Call Now on your phone!

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